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General Issues when Using Accelerator Error Messages when Connecting to Accelerator

General Issues when Using Accelerator

  • Why does my downstream "Bandwidth Savings Ratio" appear to go below 1.0?

    Accelerating your bandwidth channel incurs a small amount of transmission overhead. In most cases, this overhead is negligible when compared to the actual bandwidth savings provided by Accelerator.

    However, strange interactions between Internet Explorer and certain plugins (such as the old versions of the Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin) may cause documents to be unnecessarily downloaded twice. It is important to note that this type of behavior occurs regardless of whether Accelerator is used. The Accelerator is merely showing the download statistics in these situations.


  • Why do some Java-applets (such as certain games on not work?

    Older versions of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) cannot display certain image types (such as 'PNG'). To fix this problem, simply set your image slider to the maximum quality level or upgrade to the newest JRE.


  • I'm having trouble loading a site. What should I do?

    Try adding the site to the Accelerator's Proxy Exclusion List.

    If this doesn't solve the problem, try adding the site to Accelerator's pop-up blocker Whitelist. Click here for instructions on completing this operation.


  • After installing Accelerator, I received a message saying Email Acceleration is disabled. Why did that happen?

    The Accelerator installer has detected software that may conflict with Email Acceleration.

    It was determined that the safest way to proceed was to not install the Email Acceleration.


  • I can't right-click on an image to get the "Original Image"?

    Some web sites disable the right-click using javascript. On other sites, the image in question may be a background image. To see the full quality image, change the image slider to "Full Quality" and press Ctrl-Refresh in Internet Explorer.

    Click here for instructions on changing the image slider.


Error Messages when Connecting to Accelerator

  • "24 Accelerator cannot be started due to an internal error ..."

    Try restarting Accelerator by exiting the program and then relaunching it.

    If that doesn't help, try restarting your computer.


  • " Accelerator cannot connect to the 24 Accelerator Service..."

    Here is a step-by-step list of things you should verify:

    1. Check that you have successfully connected to in your usual manner (e.g. Did your dial-up connection successfully connect?). This step is independent of whether or not you launch Accelerator.

    2. Ensure that you are, in fact, connected to In most cases, you cannot connect to another ISP and use the Accelerator.

    3. Verify that the Connection information located in the Settings dialog is the same as your normal dialup information.

    4. If you are running firewall software, make sure that a firewall rule is present that allows access to the Remote Server Port (located in the Advanced Connection Settings dialog)

    5. Try uninstalling Accelerator (Start -> Accelerator -> Uninstall Accelerator) and then re-install it.

    6. Contact us to verify that the Service is up and running.

    Now try restarting Accelerator by exiting the program and then relaunching it.


  • "The 24 Accelerator Service does not allow connections from your current IP address..."

    The most likely reason you would recieve this error is when you connect to the Internet using a provider other than


  • "Your username and/or password were not accepted by the 24 Accelerator Service..."

    The login credentials you specified on the "Settings" - "Connection" tab were not valid.

    Click here to view the Product Guide for information on how to set your username and password.


  • "The 24 Accelerator Service could not be started due to an authentication timeout ..."

    Try rebooting your computer and then connecting again.


  • "The 24 Accelerator Service indicated that it has insufficient resources to handle your connection..."

    Try rebooting your computer and then connecting again.