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HOWTO remove your old ISP from Outlook Express

Problem / Symptoms
You just recently signed up with and when checking your mail, your computer wants to switch dialup connections or connect to your old Internet Provider. OR, Outlook asks for a password to connect to (some server other than When you type it in you get an error, but you may still receive email.

Cause / More Info
The settings for your past Internet Provider are still setup in Outlook Express. Our signup page (or CD) simply add our settings to your existing PC's configuration. We do not remove these previous settings (or any others) from your computer to avoid the possibilty of removing items that were still wanted (IE, your work mail or hotmail settings that you want to continue checking).

Fix / Solution
Follow the steps below to remove your old Internet Provider settings from Outlook Express.

1. Open Outlook Express (your mail client).
2. Select Tools from the menu bar at the top & click Accounts.
3. Click the Mail tab at the top.
4. Find and single-click the account of your old ISP in the list.
    Your OLD ISP should now be highlighted.
5. Click the Remove button to the right.
6. Click Yes to confirm that you want to delete the account.
7. Click Close button.
8. Exit Outlook Express.